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Sujalam technologies stands with Bringing together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve today's most complex challenges related to water availability and a safe environment. As a strategic business partner, Sujalam Technologies offers the most comprehensive set of services like Designing and Estimating Water treatment plants, Supplying raw material, installation of plants, providing services.

It is our goal to enable our clients to meet their ever increasing water demands and population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements. Sujalam Technologies first time comes with its own web based technology to track its services, to take complaints from customer, to provide web based report to its customer and to provide laboratory analysis services with web based report.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

2012 - Present: Focus on involving in WTP, STP plants Design, Installation, Commissioning

  • Water recycle is the most required need to fulfill humans water consumption.
  • For efficient water recycle we provide some industrial water treatment process standard.
  • To implement the process, for the plant we provide design by Computer Aided Drafting(CAD).
  • We provide installation, commissioning of STP, WTP.
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